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The Need and The Problem

"MBA in a DAY®" is a response to a need evidenced by a phenomenon found in the nation's top-tier MBA programs: professionals taking MBA classes that are outliers to the "traditional" MBA student, e.g., physicians, attorneys, scientists, technicians, business owners and non-profit executives...

These professionals are taking MBA courses because their professional education and post-graduate training did not prepare them for the "business-side" relative to the practice of their profession...

...but for most time-challenged professionals, taking a 16 week MBA course or enrolling in 1 or 2 year MBA program is not feasible..

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The Solution

MBA in a DAY provides time-efficient, focused, and in-depth coverage of essential business concepts and strategies that MBA students study in graduate business school programs.

MBA in a DAY® is designed to serve time-pressured, well-educated professionals seeking the benefit from an intense, "boot-camp" immersion in current business concepts and principles, applied and tailored to their professional organizational setting or entreprenurial relevant ventures.

MBA in A Day is also a career-builder for emerging leaders who want to gain a competitive edge or advancing up the organizational ladder.

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MBA In A Day Resources:

Download any of the free resources below, and register here to gain access to the following resources.

Business Plan Template, Basic

The essential tool for entrepreneurs, small business owners, practice-managers and, even, for existing businesses or operating units of larger organizations. A business plan is the first thing an outside investor or decision-maker will want to see-here's a useful guide.

Entrepreneurial Resources

A handy compendum of websites, resources and references valuable for entrepreneurs to jump start a new venture or to drive innovation and growth in existing organizations.

Marketing Planning Workbook

For most organizations, a well-formed marketing strategy and plan are critical drivers of financial viability and long term sustainability. The tool is appropriate to organizations of all kinds: small businesses, non-profit organizations and professional practices. Easy to understand and practical, this workbook gets your marketing strategy set and ready to go to work.

Strengths/Weaknesses Assessment Tool

A great tool to determine what you need to succeed, or, to improve your organizational performance.

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