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A couple of days ago, I wrote about applying to Harvard. Today, I am going to give you an alternative. Consider saving yourself the $120,000 and buying MBA in a Day by Steven Stralser instead. I would never say that you can replace two years of classroom instruction with a 298 page book, but I like the book. You will find the theory they are teaching in B-school today. You will practical examples. I like it as a primer and that is the point. Stralser explains in the preface why he wrote the book:

"Every semester, in addition to the traditional MBA students who had taken time off from their corporate life to enroll in the MBA Program, I would find one or two students who were clearly "outliers" to these mainstream corporate types- for example, a physician, an attorney, an executive director from non-profit organization, or a small business owner or entrepreneur...I also realized that for every physician, attorney, architect, or entrepreneur who can take the time to enroll in an MBA program, there are many more who are pressed for time and focused on the day-to- day challenges of running a successful practice, operating a small business, or launching a new venture but who would benefit from learning the essential principles and concepts found in the coursework of an MBA program. It is for these successful- albeit time-sensitive- professionals that this book is written.
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After 13 years in the National Hockey League, making the transition from professional athlete to entrepreneur has been eased by the practical knowledge that I have implemented from Professor Stralser's MBA in a DAY.

Jim Johnson
Co-Founder, FlexxCoach, e-learning for coaches and athletes
National Hockey League, former player

MBA in a Day is a must. for every physician in a private, solo or grouppractice setting.

Anthony F. Vuturo, MD, MPH, FACPE
Medical Director, Canyon Ranch Health Resort

It's being a wonderful experience to have participated in the MBA course in a day programme. I know I have acquired critical knowledge for the future.

Alexander K.

This was really an excellent MBA overview experience.a high quality course. Thank you Dr. Stralser!

Don H.

Dear Dr. Stralser,
Thanks for the enormous amount of information you shared with us in such a short time! I appreciate the work you must have put in. I'm sure the knowledge will be useful in my career.

Cindy, St. Louis

Dr Stralser thank you for insight in to MBA in a Day and for your valuable knowledge sharing, the program was very interesting !


MBA in a Day is an excellent resource to cut through all the noise and focus on fundamental guiding business principles.

David E. Ratcliffe, Director
The Merrill Lynch Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management

The "fundamental" business principles in MBA in a Day are integral for any entrepreneur not formally trained in these concepts.

Kenny Kramm, Founder
FlavorX , an Inc. 500 Company

Just because you have not had the opportunity of a formal MBA why be at a disadvantage in the business world?

George Reiss MD
Clinical Instructor Mayo Clinic

Professor Stralser's MBA in a Day contains insights that are incredibly valuable for any entrepreneur obsessed with success.

Michael Hool, Partner, Rogers & Hool, LLC
Chairman, Arizona Venture Capital Conference

Steve has an uncanny ability to distill business concepts to their true fundamentals without confusing or losing the audience.

Ed Robinson
Capacity Building Solutions Inc.

MBA in a DAY is an essential guide to everyday practical decision making. Croom Lawrence, MBA, Senior Marketing Manager

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Professor Stralser has been teaching MBA principles for years.MBA in a DAY is your "graduation" into the world of business!

R. Glenn Williamson, Partner
Nest Ventures LLC, providers of early stage financing and equity

You could read this book in a day, but the non-business professional can go back and refer to it every day!

Barry Moltz, author,
"You Need To Be A Little Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business"

Professor Stralser has the ability to impart entrepreneurial attitudes and processes.he explains things in understandable term. for those who understand business, he reinforces what they have been doing all along.

Martin Blume, DO, MBA
Parkway Medical, PLC

Dr. Stralser has provided physicians with a focused, structured and comprehensive resource.

Rick Nevins, MD, FAAFP
President, Nevins & Associates Consulting

MBA in a Day provides physicians with a quick reference to deal with the practical, business side of medicine..

Beverly Hurt
Executive Vice President, Indianapolis Medical Society

MBA in a Day has proven to be as essential in my daily practice as my stethoscope.

Robert S. Knight, MD, FAAFP
Medical Director, Plumtree Family Health Center, LLC

What was once only taught in MBA courses is now found in Dr. Stralser's MBA in a DAY giving small business owners the toolsto take their businesses to the next level.

Kristin A. Donaldson
Vice President of Small Business, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Professor Stralser has been teaching MBA principles for years in top-tier business schools.MBA in a DAY is practical, succinct, yet broad in scope and well referenced - highly recommended.

John Hensing, MD, Sr. VP, Care Management and Quality, Banner Health Systems

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